What Our Users Miss About College During Summer Break

Finishing up finals week is amazing – until you have to leave your friends, dorm, and fun college life for three months of summer break. We surveyed Boundless users about what they miss most while away from campus this summer. Prepare to laugh, nod with agreement, and perhaps be a little surprised.

Understandably, our users missed getting free things on campus:

I miss the awesome chalk notes on the sidewalk that tell me where I can get free pizza! Free food, right?

-Tayera S., University of Oklahoma – Norman Campus

Free brown bag lunches with authors and entrepreneurs.

-Anneliese N., University of San Francisco

The constant free giveaways!!! Where else will I collect an unneeded supply of T-shirts, water-bottles, pens and ChapStick for FREE!!!???

-Bless O., Texas Woman’s University


photo credit: monica.reida via photopin cc

They also miss the bustle and ease of a campus atmosphere:

I miss the things going on around campus, from plays in the Theatre District to protests and rallies in the Boston Common.

-Mandi H., Emerson College

The bustle of professors, staffs, grad and undergrad students which make the campus more lively than ever.

-Josephine J., University of California at Berkeley

I miss the networking opportunities and the chance to attend and have impromptu study groups, meetings, and parties.

-Sovay S., University of Maryland – University College

I miss heaps of on-campus activities, like Student Theatre, Poetry Club and Astronomy Club. I also miss just hanging out in the Union and Agora with friends, sharing a coffee.

-Marian D., La Trobe University

Being able to walk anywhere! My home town is HUGE so I have to drive or bus anywhere I want to go! On campus I can walk or bike any place I want – or need – to be!

-Bridget L., University of Oregon

Shockingly, they miss their college eating habits:

I miss going out with friends on late night taco hunts. I also miss drinking all types of caffeine and eating Pringles just to get me through another class.

-Corbin P., University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The cafeteria and my friends.

-Tiffany H., Michigan State University

The thing I miss most are those good ol’ cinnamon apple stuffed muffins.

-Sierra J., Central Piedmont Community College


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And of course, they miss the people that make their college experience so special:

Missing my girlfriend.

-Tyler K., York College Pennsylvania

I miss being around the people I constantly talk to, having everything within walking distance, and just being on my own and not relying on my family.

-Wendy I., St. Mary’s College

Being able to play football and lawn tennis with my friends at the drop of a hat. I also miss being around my friends (even though we make due with Twitter).

-Anyibofu U., Greensprings School – Lagos

I miss the people. I love meeting new people and enjoy having random conversations with strangers or helping them with homework that I understand.

-Kyla M., Hawaii Community College

Seeing cute boys in class.

-Sara K., Los Angeles Pierce College

Only a couple more months until you get back to your busy campus lives, freebies, dining hall muffins, and awesome friends. In the meantime, get your next semester’s textbooks for a fraction of the cost at Boundless, as these students did!

  • Axel Peterman

    I’m going to miss drinking and playing pool at 2:00 in the morning. I want it to be fall again.

    • JessicaBoundless


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