Freshman Year College Packing List [Infographic]

The big college move is coming! Make sure you’re ending your summer properly and getting everything in order for freshman year. We hope this college packing list helps calm down the I’M-GOING-TO-COLLEGE madness a bit.

For a black-and-white printable version, click here.FRESHMAN_PACKING_LISTLook at that! You’re all packed. Thankfully, you don’t have to carry heavy textbooks, either; just get digital ones, filled with cool study tools, from Boundless.

Check out what we left off of this tech-savvy packing list here.

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  • Geoffrey Koester

    My room is currently full of boxes from last year that I need to unpack, sort through and repack before moving in. Not that bad, except I move in Saturday. Good list!

    • Boundless

      Hey Geoffrey – thanks for the comment! Best of luck with your move this weekend.