Boundless in the News: Learning Technology Changes Study Game

We recently announced our new Boundless Learning Technology, a suite of tools that personalizes studying to the user. Our learning tech is like having a personal tutor built into a textbook. We think this is pretty cool, and so do lots of tech reporters. Check out some of the highlights below.

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At CNET, reporter Josh Lowensohn detailed more about our new Boundless Learning Technology. He wrote,

Boundless is coupling [its textbooks] with new study tools like built-in quizzes and flashcards, that CEO and co-founder Ariel Diaz says can lock in information, and change dynamically based on how students are doing. That means if you’re totally bombing a series of flashcards, you can go back and reread — or if you’re breezing through, it will shorten the quiz altogether.


Over at VentureBeat, reporter Rebecca Grant pulled on students’ heart strings with a detailed description of the cost of textbooks. As prices soar, students are looking for affordable alternatives – and that’s where Boundless comes in. She wrote,

College textbook prices are soaring at an alarming rate, increasing faster than tuition, medical services, and even new homes. Boundless launched iOS application and a premium offering today, continuing its efforts to making educational content more accessible for college students.


On a related note, Xconomy talked about Boundless Learning Technology and the future of educational content. They wrote,

The idea, says Boundless CEO Ariel Diaz, is to create a ‘personal tutor built into the product’ that helps explain the content, customize it, motivate students, give them deadlines, and assess their progress.

Check out Boundless Learning Technology to see what all the hype is about!