7 Ways to Stay Organized Online this Semester

The beginning of the semester is a rush of activity, and it’s easy to fall behind quickly when you are trying to get back on that busy college schedule. Start the term off well so you can stay organized all semester. Test out some of these online tools to get started:

1. Google Drive: Taking notes during class or writing your papers on Google Docs saves your the headache of needing to save after each sentence. Google will autosave your work, so even if your computer crashes you don’t have to worry about losing big chunks of your work. Plus, if you forget where you saved your work on Drive, this tool’s super awesome search will find it in a flash!

2. Trello: Make your to-do list better than a piece of notebook paper. Trello lets you create specific tasks, like “Create outline for psych paper,” and move it across a sophisticated to-do list so you can track its progress. Make lists of what you need to do, what you’re working on, and what you’ve accomplished. Trust us, putting the psych paper under the Done list will feel great. Some students even use this to keep their internship searches organized.


photo credit: miladus via photopin cc

3. Mint.com: Mint will help you track how much you’ve been paying and for what, so that you can set coffee budgets! This way, you won’t be unpleasantly surprised during finals week with no money for late-night snacks.
4. Hootsuite or Tweetdeck: Don’t let your social media life suffer while you’re cramming for exams. Schedule tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn updates to go out at predetermined times. You’ll give the illusion of being socially active and really good at juggling all your work, when really we’ll know how you do it. But nobody else will!
5. Boundless: Keep notes and highlights from course readings organized in Boundless’s notebook feature. When you’re prepping for your exams, use its flashcards, quizzes, and study guides to keep track of what key concepts you’ll own for exam season. Use the Boundless app and study in any place!
6. Evernote: With Evernote, you’ll never forget anything again. This expanded, mobile notebook syncs across all your devices, and you can create notes from photos, too – so snap a picture of that restaurant that you walked past and want to try out, then search it when you’re looking for a dinner spot!
7. Google Calendar– Let’s be honest, we’ve all forgotten at some point to see a professor or meet a friend for lunch. Put all your classes and extracurriculars into your calendar, so that you always know what is on your plate for the day. Customize your important events so that you get reminder emails and texts making sure you get where you need to be. Make sure you can access your calendar while on the go!