Boundless Community Profile: Bryant Professor Cait Witkowski Creates Assessment Questions

Cait Witkowski

Cait Witkowski remembers spending upwards of $500 a semester on textbooks while completing her undergraduate degree. Now, as an adjunct professor and manager of the Laboratory for Terrestrial Environments at Bryant University, Professor Witkowski uses Boundless as a resource in her class and contributes content for Physics and Statistics, as well as interactive graphs for Calculus and Algebra.

Hear what’s motivated Professor Witkowski to contribute to the Boundless Community and how her students are using our books!

What motivates you to contribute to Boundless?

I first heard about Boundless from a colleague who had been contributing to content for a couple of years. When I checked Boundless out for myself and saw the mission statement, I was immediately hooked. Providing accessible educational content for students everywhere is incredible — especially when I know the students will save a lot of money on course materials each year. Plus, I love new educational tools.

What sort of work do you do as a contributor?

I’ve worked on Physics and Statistics content, primarily to create objectives and assessment questions for these subjects. I’ve also created interactive graphs for Algebra and Calculus, which I’ve since used in my own class. With the new launch, I plan on contributing more to these subjects.

How are you using Boundless in the classroom?

When I started teaching, I knew students were making a move toward e-books. It’s much easier for them to study when they can access everything from anywhere on their laptops or phones. Knowing this, I decided to integrate Boundless into my classes.

I pull from Boundless Physics and Calculus content for my class. I’m currently using it as a supplemental resource, but plan to assign it in the fall and customize the content to my syllabus. Now, I assign students additional readings through Boundless, have them do some practice questions, and let them play with the interactive graphs. There’s definitely been a huge boost in my students’ understanding of the material, which is the most important part for me.

Professor Witkowski is one of hundreds of educators writing the future of education with Boundless. See how you can get early access to our community tools.

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