Dream Team: Boundless Acquired by Valore

I’m excited to announce today that we are merging with Valore, a fast-growing Boston based company with a shared vision of serving students and modernizing the textbook market.

We started Boundless with the mission that universal access to quality education is a right, not a privilege, and we have spent the last four years working hard towards achieving that. The result is an amazing platform and product that serves well over 4 million students and teachers around the world every month. We have created a rich library of content, with core textbooks in over 25 subjects, as well as a powerful content management platform that enables us, and a growing community of experts and educators, to quickly create and update content.

Our platform also empowers educators by giving them control over their educational resources, including customizable textbooks, reading assignments, and quizzes. And of course all of this creates a rich, easy to use learning and study experience for students.

As we enter this next chapter, we will continue to march towards our mission with even more momentum. Valore has greatly optimized textbook distribution, helping students save on one of their biggest out of pocket expense. Combined with our digital products, content, and expertise, we will continue to democratize learning by creating and offering better products and better prices.

The Boundless brand will live on, and we will continue to focus on creating next generation learning and teaching tools. Our content will remain openly licensed, the entire team is staying on, and I’m thrilled to continue to lead Boundless and Valore in my new role as Chief Digital Officer in the combined company.

You can read more at http://www.valore.com/valore-acquires-digital-publisher-boundless.